Going Beyond the 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Going Beyond the 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training

The topic of a 200-hr teacher training is more popular and slightly more controversial than ever before. Let’s dig in a bit!

I’ll start by sharing I signed up for and took my 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 without any awareness of the philosophy, history and deeper teachings of yoga. I, like so many, loved the mind-body connection and the physical experience I had during a yoga class.

If your path includes standing in front of a class room filled with other bodies and beating hearts, I encourage you to continue your training beyond your 200 hour. Let’s approach each class, each story shared and each sutra read, with a beginner’s mindset.

200 hours seems like a lot of time (and money!) to dedicate to a training, and it is! But the reality is, it's not very long at all when you consider the deep history of yoga and the numerous different lineages.

Because hiring a guru is a practice of the past, we must take it upon ourselves to deepen our learning of yoga philosophy, history and self study. If you are looking for a place to start, I recommend doing the following:

- Get comfortable singing the universal sound of ‘om’ and be sure to know what Namaste means (I bow to the divine light in you)

- Start to read the Sutras (recommended translation=The Secret Power of Yoga Nischala Devi)

- Understand and practice the yamas and niyamas in your daily life

- Develop a meditation practice

- Find a teacher that teaches beyond the Asana (physical poses)



My recommendations:

- Baron Baptiste

- Ryan Leier

- From the Vedas to Vinyasa by Amy Vaughn

- Betsy Weiner

- Davidji

- Headspace

- Minneapolis Zen Buddhist Center


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