Our newest collaboration is BIG

Our newest collaboration is BIG

I fell in love with the Big Hair Ladies the very first time I saw them. Their colorful details, the intricate line work, the raw beauty of the feminine body represented bodly. Everything about them is inspiring and encourages us women to take up s p a c e. Something I believe we all can lean into a little more. 

You are important in this world, and how you express your passion and energy is vital to all of the people around you! Represent your inherent feminine wisdom and energy with our first two prints from the Magic Collection!

I'm lucky to have known Genevieve, the creator of BHL since college! I've always been drawn into her creative energy and bold approach to living life out loud. Seeing her become a mother to her now toddler girl, Scout and getting to practice yoga next to her and ski down mountains with her... I'm PROUD to now feature her art on our MAI Movement collection.

I'm thrilled to collaborate with her to bring you our Limited Edition releases of some of my favorite prints of hers. Trust me when I say, it was near impossible to choose which ones- I love them all! 

Our first launch will be the Magic Collection with two print designs available on all MAI Movement gear! Orders will be open for three days and product will ship two weeks after the order window closes. In those two weeks we'll print the product and ship to you! We'll have three mini collections launching over the next few months. 

I have a feeling this is just the beginning. 



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