30-Min Private Virtual Class with Emma Ray - MAI Movement

30-Min Private Virtual Class with Emma Ray

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Hi everyone!

Have you been wanting to try yoga but not sure where to start? Or maybe you've done some yoga and want to ask a few questions to feel more confident? You've heard there can be a lot of physical benefits (low-impact stretching and strength building yes please!) and mental benefits like slowing down your breath and bringing more calm and ease to your life.

All of these things are available to you and I'd love to teach you!

I've been practicing yoga since I was 17 and started teaching five years ago when I was 27. As a life-long student I know my purpose is to bring mindful movement and breath work to as many people as I can.

In this class:

We'll meet together virtually (thank you #zoomlife) and go over:

- Tadasana / Mountain pose (the foundation of all poses)

- Downward facing dog

- Upward facing dog

- Warrior 2

And a few others based on what you want to learn!


Interested in a private yoga class or taking your practice to the next step? Check out my one hour class link!

I'm open to tailoring a class to what you need and want, let's collaborate together! Together we can start to create lasting shifts in your life that will bring more joy, love, light and positivity! What's holding you back? I WANT to practice with you, so let's do this! 

All you need is a yoga mat and a place to practice in your house. Set up your phone or computer as your camera and let's get started!

XO Emma Ray

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